Journalist admitted that the Russian media artificially made some militants "heroes of Donbass" 04/18/2016 14:36:36. Total views 1028. Views today — 0.

Russian media deliberately create heroic images of some militants who started the war in Donbass. Russian journalist Marina Akhmedova admitted that on pages of the Expert magazine.

"Russian journalists selectively made heroes of some members of the militia. They were with them all the time, went with them to the front, had exclusive broadcasting of their military and everyday life ... Actively glorified acts have made people actually indestructible heroes" - she wrote.

As previously reported, the pantheon of the "heroes of Novorossia" includes, in particular, the fighters with nicknames Motorola and Givi. There is no information about their real exploits and successes "in combat and political training". However, their images of "fighters against the khunta" are widely used in separatist propaganda.