U.S. general on supply of artillery systems to Ukraine: four HIMARS are precious little 06/11/2022 12:44:37. Total views 427. Views today — 0.

The United States should restart the production of HIMARS artillery systems and supply Ukraine with at least dozens of them. This was stated by former commander of the allied forces of the USA and NATO General Wesley Clark in a commentary to Voice of America, - UNN reports.

"Four systems transferred by the States are precious little, I would like much more. But they are not yet produced even in the USA. So, as with the Stingers and Javelins, the United States has to speed up its production in order to urgently fill all the needs for shipment to Ukraine and at the same time, have a certain reserve in warehouses. But these resources are not unlimited. Production of HIMARS was discontinued not so long ago. Now it will probably be restarted, but this is not an instant process. I hope that we will be able to provide Ukraine with several dozen HIMARS missile systems. Maybe more, but four is a start", - Clark said.

He also noted that the HIMARS systems are urgently needed by the AFU to retain their own positions. After all, being on the defensive, the Ukrainian military is a fixed target for powerful russian artillery.

"These high-range systems will allow Ukrainian forces to keep the enemy beyond the line of confrontation and get out of the range of russian artillery. For example, the range of HIMARS exceeds russian SMERCH by several kilometers. Therefore, if you know where the SMERCH systems are located, you will put HIMARS a little further, so that they can hit the ussian SMERCH, and the enemy will not be able to hit you", - the general explained.

The American media outlet notes that in the new package of defense assistance from the USA, the Ukrainian command places particular hope on the HIMARS multiple launch rocket systems.

"HIMARS can hit targets at a distance of up to 300 kilometers, but so far, Ukraine has been provided with ammunition with a range of no more than 80 kilometers. It also was urged not to fire at the enemy positions directly on the territory of the russian federation", - the message says.