Escalating Black Sea threat: 40 cruise missiles target Ukraine 06/10/2022 14:59:46. Total views 645. Views today — 0.

40 cruise missiles are deployed on russian ships in the Black Sea. This was announced by head of the press center of the South group Natalia Humeniuk during the telethon, - the 24.tv website reports.

"40 cruise missiles are aimed at Ukraine. These are two submarines and 4 supermarine launch platforms. In addition, while on duty at sea, we recorded one large landing craft carrier, the rest are staying closer to their bases in the occupied Crimea, but also at the ready", - Humeniuk informed.

She noted that now it should be understood that these ships and submarines are loaded and "this all is aimed at Ukraine", so we must be ready for escalating missile attacks from the russian side and, accordingly, our defense.

As for the Snake Island, according to Humeniuk, the enemy is trying to fortify and make his garrison there, but "the temporarily occupied island does not perceive them", the weather conditions are very unfavorable for the deployment of equipment.

"At the same time, the russians have already set up air defense for their ships. Because they are afraid that they will be hit by our coastal systems, they also put air defense systems; they also put ADMS (Air Defense Missile Systems) and multiple artillery rocket systems there", - was noted on the South group.

The operational command emphasizes that the russian invaders keep their ships on a safe line from the coast and work out actions in the conditions of the use of anti-ship missiles and aircraft against them.