Russian court bans media from publishing even open data about occupiers killed in Ukraine 06/07/2022 12:00:17. Total views 530. Views today — 0.

The russian court has banned the media from publishing lists of invaders who died in Ukraine, compiled from open sources. This is written by the local media of the russian federation.

In particular, it is noted that the Svetlogorsk city court of the Kaliningrad region recognized the list of russian soldiers who died in Ukraine, collected by the Pskov 60.RU from open official sources, as prohibited information.

The lawsuit was filed by the military prosecutor of the 73rd military prosecutor's office of the Baltic Fleet garrison. The court decided that the information "discloses the loss of personnel in wartime and in peacetime during the period of special operations". Moreover, the court considered that these data belonged to "state secrets", the disclosure of which could threatens with criminal liability.

After that, the websites of the "Network of City Portals" removed pages with official lists of fellow countrymen who died during the invasion of Ukraine.

Novosibirsk NGS, Chita.ru, Chelyabinsk 74.RU, Krasnoyarsk NGS24, Omsk NGS55 and others are among them.

As previously reported, the official russian statistics of russia's losses in the war against Ukraine does not show the real picture. The Ministry of Defense reported losses only twice: on March 2 and 25, and gave figures of 498 and 1 351 people. Researchers on open sources - posts by relatives, news in the local media and reports from the local authorities - talk about 3200 Cargo 200 at the beginning of June. However, these data are far from real. A significant part of the dead russians remains on the battlefield or in morgues and refrigerators in the territory controlled by Ukraine. Most often, their bodies are unidentified and are not included in the loss statistics. The relatives are informed that their close ones "have gone missing".