Occupiers allowed to shoot civilians at checkpoints in Kherson region – SBU interception 06/07/2022 09:48:21. Total views 563. Views today — 0.

Rashists are allowed to place civilians of Ukraine under fire at the checkpoints of the temporarily occupied Kherson region. This is evidenced by the interception of a conversation between two "DNR" members, published by the SBU.

"They told me: if it is a suspicious person, burn the f*ck without talking", - the "DNR" member with the call sign "Grey-haired" tells his interlocutor. – I have the next order from the major: a car or a truck appears, you look and ask: "What are you carrying?" If the person is suspicious, shoot without talking. Talk later..."

His interlocutor clarifies: "...Yeah, on your part, you will be the first to burn them. And if you do not have time, then we will?"

"While the occupiers are distributing among themselves who will be the first to kill peaceful drivers on the road, Ukrainian defenders have destroyed more than 31 thousand enemies in battle", - the SBU statement emphasizes.