Russian "hawk" Patrushev raves that "DNR" and "LNR" should receive reparations from USA Europe 05/24/2022 13:36:04. Total views 510. Views today — 0.

Secretary of the Security Council of the russian federation Nikolai Patrushev has stated that russia and the puppet "DNR" and "LNR" created by it have the right to demand reparations from the West for its support of the territorial integrity of Ukraine. Russian politician stated this in an interview with the russian media.

"It is Russia that has the right to demand reparations from the countries that sponsored the Nazis in Ukraine and the criminal Kyiv regime. The DNR and LNR should demand compensation from them for all financial damage over 8 years of aggression. The Ukrainian people themselves deserve reparations from the main aggressors, i.e., the USA and England, which force Ukrainians to fight, support neo-Nazis, supply them with weapons and send their military advisers and mercenaries", - Patrushev dreams in the trend of russian propaganda and revanchist frenzy.