Authorities of russian federation do not intend to change Medvedchuk for defenders of Mariupol, withdrawn from Azovstal 05/23/2022 13:30:03. Total views 800. Views today — 0.

The authorities of the Russian Federation do not intend to exchange Viktor Medvedchuk, suspected of high treason, for the defenders of Mariupol, withdrawn from Azovstal. This was stated by press secretary of the president of the aggressor country Dmitry Peskov at a press conference in moscow.

"Medvedchuk is a citizen of Ukraine. He has nothing to do with russia, and he is not a military man. In the case of people who surrendered at Azovstal, we are talking about the military and members of nationalist formations. These are completely different categories of people, and here one can hardly talk about any exchanges", - Peskov stated.

As previously reported, Medvedchuk, accused of high treason, was arrested after escaping from his home arrest and his subsequent detention by the SBU. He asks godfather of his daughter putin to exchange him for the defenders and civilians of Mariupol, who are in the blockade of the russian invaders.