Occupiers of russian federation and "DNR" write "charter" for fake "tribunal over nationalists" 05/20/2022 13:55:30. Total views 467. Views today — 0.

The fake "DNR MFA" has stated that it was working on the creation of "the charter of the tribunal for the trial of nationalists". This was stated by Natalia Nikanorova, who calls herself a "minister".

She noted that "cooperation between the bodies of Russia, the DNR and the LNR has already been established for the tribunal".

Allegedly, the charter is under development.

"In accordance with the Charter of the Tribunal, all types of punishment that will be provided for in it will be applied", - the fake "MFA" minister reported.

As previously reported, all actions of the Ukrainian military to protect the territorial integrity of Ukraine and repel russian aggression at the suggestion of the kremlin are qualified as "war crimes of nationalists". In reality, the world community reasonably accuses the russian federation and its satellites in the Donbas of crimes against humanity.