Dumb and Dumber. Speaker of russian Foreign Ministry states that Israeli citizens are allegedly fighting in the ranks of "Nazi" Azov 05/04/2022 18:20:30. Total views 745. Views today — 0.

Official representative of the russian MFA Maria Zakharova has stated that in Ukraine, "in fact, Israeli mercenaries are fighting shoulder to shoulder with the Azov militants". She made such a statement on the air of Radio Sputnik, - Meduza reports.

Allegedly, she saw "video, texture and materials" confirming this. She did not provide details about these materials.

"How should I regard this? <…> How can this be?", - Zakharova was surprised.

The MFA representative noted that the Israeli politicians, who "now inflated the information campaign" "probably will not want to hear" this information.

The option that Azov is not a stronghold of Nazism, fascism and anti-Semitism, so people of different nationalities are fighting shoulder to shoulder, did not even cross her mind.

As previously reported, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov stated that Hitler had Jewish roots, and the Jews themselves were the most ardent anti-Semites. His statement caused a wave of indignation in the political circles of Israel. The russian ambassador was also summoned for explanations.