The leader of "DPR" regrets that they didn’t "capture" Mariupol despite all the Minsk agreements 04/13/2016 19:17:58. Total views 1310. Views today — 0.

The leader of "DPR" regrets that they didn’t "capture" Mariupol while negotiations on ceasefire in Donbass were held in Minsk. He said that in his interview to separatist Oplot television channel.

"Mariupol... After Debaltsevo, if I hadn’t been wounded, we would have continued to advance further. The faster it would have happened, the faster the war would have ended. Therefore, I would like to change a lot unfortunately, but you know that all in good time. Everything that happened should have happened," - said A.Zaharchenko answering a question what he would like to change in results for two years.

"Maybe not enough speed. I am a person of fast actions, that’s why we are too slow for me ... It's true, plenty of problems," - he said.

As previously reported, the capture of Debaltsevo was carried out by militants in February 2015 on the background of the Minsk negotiations the heads of "Norman Quartet" on the ceasefire in Donbass. Debaltsevo occupation itself was a flagrant violation of all the agreements.