Akhmetov will not oppose Ukraine: not because of the great love but business necessity – Zhebrivskyi 04/12/2016 21:51:48. Total views 1132. Views today — 1.

Chairman of Donetsk Regional State Administration Pavel Zhebrivskyi is sure it doesn’t make sense for businessman Rinat Akhmetov to speak out against Ukraine. He expressed his opinion in the interview to LigaBusinessInform.

According to him, Akhmetov continues to maintain his influence in Donbass "in some respect and in relation to some people." "Because his factories operate that are registered in Ukraine work here, including on the uncontrolled territory. His food parcels also affect the perception. So, certainly there is some influence," - said the governor.

Zhebrivskyi noted that he met the richest man in Ukraine once. "Probably, it was the mutual desire. It just happened. Neither I, nor he was against. It is wrong to say that I crawled to him or he crawled to me... I wanted to understand what he wants," - said the head of the Donetsk Regional State Administration .

According to him, " to convey that Donetsk region is Ukraine" was key task for Akhmetov.

"I believe these words. He's got a business not only in the Donetsk region,but in Kiev, in western Ukraine and abroad. It doesn’t make sense for Akhmetov to speak out against Ukraine. Moreover, he is absolutely not needed in Russian plans. So, it is probably not because of great love but business necessity,"- said Zhebrivskyi.

He f said that he had told the businessman "three things" that he would like to see. "The first is work of enterprises, jobs and salaries. The second - payment of taxes, I'm interested in the local budget - land, personal income tax, etc. And the third - environmental requirements. We plan to sign a three-year programme, especially in Mariupol, to meet European environmental standards. It will be a memorandum between the Donetsk Regional Military and Civil Administration and Metinvest," - he explained.

In addition, Zhebrivskyi said that he repeatedly had met such oligarchs and business representatives as Zviagilskiy, Landik, Skudar, Shkirya. "I had several meetings with the son in law of deceased Alexander Savchuk, owner of Azovmash - we need to launch this company in Mariupol. I didn’t meet Kolesnikov. He didn’t want, neither did I," – said the governor.