OSCE: Maternity hospital and theater in Mariupol bombed by russia 04/13/2022 18:50:58. Total views 1033. Views today — 0.

The OSCE mission has found evidence of war crimes in Ukraine, including in Mariupol, and placed the lion's share of the blame on russia. This is reported by BBC.

The preliminary report of the mission, assembled by a decision of 45 of the 57 OSCE countries over the objections of russia, was published on April 13.

It says that the mission is unable to assess whether the invasion itself is a large-scale operation against civilians, but it notes well-documented violations of international norms.

"Intentional killings and kidnappings of civilians, including journalists and local officials, most likely meet this criterion. Any such violent act committed as part of this invasion constitutes a crime against humanity", - the report says.

"The report notes violations from both the Ukrainian and russian sides. However, the violations committed by the russian federation are disproportionately more serious in nature and scale", - the document says.

The OSCE, among other things, studied the facts of two high-profile crimes - the bombing of a theater and a maternity hospital in Mariupol.

"The mission concluded that the maternity hospital was destroyed as a result of an attack by russian forces. It follows from the russian explanation that the attack was deliberate. No warning or time was given for evacuation", - the report says.

"Therefore, this attack is a clear violation of international humanitarian law. Those responsible for it committed a war crime", - the report says.

The same applies to the destruction of the theater, under which hundreds of Mariupol residents were hiding in a bomb shelter, and near which the inscriptions "CHILDREN" were laid out in huge letters on the ground from both ends of the building.

"Russia claims that it was blown up by the Ukrainian Azov Battalion. The mission did not find any indication of this", - the report says. - This incident is very likely a flagrant violation of international humanitarian law, and those who gave and carried out the order to blow up theatre, have committed a war crime".