Russian robber warriors continue to delight parents 04/12/2022 13:05:25. Total views 743. Views today — 0.

Relatives of the russian invaders are waiting for them not with "victory", but with the loot from the homes of Ukrainians. This is evidenced by the telephone conversations of the invaders, intercepted by the Security Service of Ukraine.

It is heart on the recording that some rashists take orders from the relatives, as before going to the supermarket.

One of the Russian soldiers-robbers pleased his father-fisherman, having got into the house of the Ukrainian "rich fisherman". Having heard from his son a list of manufacturers of fishing equipment, the father became really excited: "...Fuck me sideways! Do you know how much those wobblers that I bought for 800 rubles cost? Now there are 2 thousand each".

Having learned that there is a lot of such goods in the house of a Ukrainian fisherman, the russian father instructs his son: "Yes, take everything that will be there, but just look carefully... so that they do not attribute looting to you there, damn it. … This is like a trophy, but make sure no one takes pictures of you there".