Russian invaders fire missiles at railway station in Kramatorsk: there are dozens of dead (PHOTO) 04/08/2022 13:35:57. Total views 880. Views today — 0.

Russian invaders have fired rockets at the railway station in Kramatorsk, Donetsk oblast. This was announced by Chairman of the Board of JSC Ukrzaliznytsia Oleksandr Kamyshin in his Telegram channel.

"2 missiles hit the railway station of Kramatorsk. There are injured. The details are being specified", - he wrote.

The missile attack resulted in the deaths of dozens of people. This was announced a little later by head of the Donetsk oblast military administration Pavlo Kyrylenko.

Russian fascists hit the Kramatorsk railway station with cassette Iskander. The Police and rescue workers on the spot are reporting dozens of dead and injured. Thousands of people were at the station during the missile strike, as residents of the Donetsk region are being evacuated to safer oblasts of Ukraine. The racists knew well where they were aiming to and what they wanted: they wanted to spread panic and fear, they wanted to take as many civilians as possible hostage. The russian federation is a country of villains and criminals. Evil must be stopped!", - he wrote on the official website of the administration.