Ukraine can win war with russian aggressor - Pentagon 04/07/2022 11:09:18. Total views 690. Views today — 2.

The U.S. Department of Defense believes that Ukraine can win the war, because after a month of military aggression, russia has not been able to achieve its main goals. This was discussed at a briefing by Pentagon spokesman John Kirby - ZN,UA writes.

Hostilities in Ukraine have been going on already for six weeks now, and putin's plans to seize Kyiv, Mariupol, Kharkiv and the entire Black Sea coast, and overthrow the Ukrainian government not only failed, but also collapsed.

"Mariupol has not yet been taken. He withdrew his troops from Kyiv. He withdrew his troops from Chernihiv. Kharkiv was not taken. They did not take Mykolaiv in the south", - John Kirby stated.

When asked by journalists about the probability of Ukraine's victory in this war, the speaker stated that it was quite possible.

"Of course they can win, if you look closely at what they have already achieved. Putin has been unable to achieve absolutely none of his strategic goals in Ukraine", - the Pentagon spokesman argued.

However, in his opinion, it is difficult to predict how long the war will last.

"It could end today if putin makes the right decision: will withdraw troops, will send them home and will respect Ukrainian sovereignty. But he chose a different path", - John Kirby noted.