Minister of attack of russian federation Shoigu goes missing in russia. In information space for now - media 03/23/2022 11:49:14. Total views 757. Views today — 0.

Russian Minister of Attack Shoigu has stopped appearing in public space since March 11, - russian media write this.

Russian investigative journalists from the Mediazona and Agency media outlets have calculated that he was not seen for 12 days out of 28, while the war in Ukraine is going on.

It is noted that Shoigu has ceased to appear in public space since March 11.

Agency reports that until March 11, Shoigu appeared in the news almost every day.

Shoigu's entourage is discussing that he had heart problems.

Shoigu is mentioned in a message on the kremlin website on March 18, which says that president vladimir putin discussed "the course of a special operation in Ukraine" with the permanent members of the Security Council. According to the report, Shoigu was also present at the meeting. Video and photos from the meeting were not published.

According to journalists, on the same day, March 18, Channel One aired a story about Shoigu presenting awards. The story said that the event happened "today", but the picture in the story coincided with the video posted on the website of the Ministry of Defense on March 11.

The latest news in Shoigu's profile on the website of the Ministry of Defense is also dated March 11.

According to investigators, not only Shoigu was missing. After March 11, no events were reported with the participation of head of the russian General Staff valery gerasimov