Advance of russian occupiers in Ukraine stopped in all directions - Pentagon 03/20/2022 12:45:28. Total views 981. Views today — 0.

The advance of the russian occupiers has stopped in all directions. Such information was announced during the regular briefing of the U.S. Department of Defense, - the russian Air Force Service reports.

The Pentagon noted that the advance of russian troops has stopped in all directions: they remain east and northwest of Kyiv, but have not moved closer (in the east, they are 30 km from the Ukrainian capital). They also did not approach Kharkiv. Chernihiv and Mariupol are isolated, but the Ukrainians continue to resist. Russian troops also encountered resistance from Ukrainians in Mykolaiv and cannot enter the city. No new maneuvers from the sea in the Pentagon are also observed.

Russia still does not control the airspace of Ukraine - the Ukrainian Air Force continues to fly, and air defense continues to counteract russian aircraft and missiles.

Speaking of missiles (for example, those that hit the Lviv airport today), the Pentagon has calculated that since the beginning of the invasion, russia has fired 1080 long-range missiles at the Ukrainian territory.