The "DPR" resents that the OSCE doesn’t confirm their "horror stories" about the AFU shelling 04/06/2016 22:35:42. Total views 1084. Views today — 0.

The self-proclaimed "Donetsk People's Republic" resents that the OSCE does not confirm their one-sided reports on AFU shelling. It was declared by "deputy commander of MD DPR corps" Eduard Basurin, - reports the "DPR" website.

"The fact is particular concern that massive attacks by the AFU at Makeyevka at night on March 25th, Zaytsevo and Golmovskoy at night on March 31st, were left without the attention of international organizations that ensure the preservation of peace and tranquility in Donbass ," - said Eduard Basurin.

"The OSCE Mission kept silence over in its reports about these facts as well asdestruction and injury of civilians as a result of attacks by the Ukrainian military forces," - grieves it.