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In the area of the Joint Forces Operation on February 8, one violation of the ceasefire by the armed formations of the Russian Federation was recorded, - the headquarters of the JFO reported. Russian mercenaries fired at the positions of Ukrainian defenders from hand-held anti-tank grenade launchers not far from Pisky. There are no casualties among the military personnel of the Joint Forces as a result of the enemy actions.

Occupation authorities of CADO did not discuss with Russia the issue of supplying lethal weapons to the occupation forces in the Donbas. Leader of the "DNR" Denis Pushilin said this in an interview with Reuters. At the same time, he reported that he would like to receive from Russia electronic warfare, air defense and weapons capable of withstanding Turkish-made drones of the Ukrainian army. The leader of the "DNR" recalled that Secretary of the General Council of the United Russia party Andrey Turchak took the initiative to send lethal weapons to CADLO by Russia.

In CADO, some of the equipment at the Stirol chemical plant in Horlivka, where the occupiers solemnly announced the start of work in November 2021 and accepted 25 employees, is intended to be cut into scrap metal in order to pay wages. This was reported in the separatist Telegram channel with reference to an employee of the enterprise. According to him, full-fledged work at the chemical plant has not yet begun. "Firstly, everyone is waiting for full-fledged financing from the Russian Federation, and this process is very protracted. Secondly, launching one or two non-core workshops in order to promote themselves was a huge mistake, since there is no and cannot be profitability without the main production facilities. And everything stands idle there. Garbage is still being removed and partially plundered workshops are being inspected", - the report said. Under these conditions, the Russian occupiers found a "wise decision" that they have been using in CADO since the fall of 2014. "Since there is no funding, but something is allegedly being done so that the workers do not run away at all, they decided: to write off the equipment and metal structures of the SK24 sulfuric acid shop, the ammonia shop, the polystyrene production shop and the salt shop! To sell suitable equipment (you can guess to which country) and cut metal structures and obsolete equipment for scrap! Hand over everything to the Yenakiieve Iron and Steel Works and use the proceeds to pay the wage arrears", - one of the employees of the enterprise told. According to him, the plant's employees have not been paid wage arrears for September-December 2018, July-December 2019, January-December 2020, January-April, June and September 2021.

2414 cases of COVID-19 were detected in the occupied territory of the Donetsk oblast over the day. This was reported by the so-called "Ministry of Health of the DNR". In addition, 4 "covid" patients died over the day. In total, 133 129 infected with COVID-19 has been counted in CADO since the beginning of the pandemic. 9578 deaths have been registered. 12 909 patients are currently undergoing treatment (inpatient and outpatient). The occupiers also revealed 117 cases of "usual" pneumonia during the day, which is 26 more than in the past day. Of these, 82 people were hospitalized. 975 patients with pneumonia are on treatment, 387 of them are on oxygen support (+20 over the day).

Personnel of enterprises transporting citizens, as well as tenants and employees of shopping centers, etc. will not be allowed to work in CADO without certificates of vaccination, past COVID-19 disease or the impossibility of being vaccinated for medical reasons from February 10. This was reported in the local social media segment. In this regard, the townspeople are worried that transport disruptions may begin from February 10. "Taking into account the well-known situation with not the greatest desire to be vaccinated by Sputnik Light, anything can happen in the DNR", - was written in the local publics. In addition, forced vaccination under the threat of being left without a job will affect not only drivers. In large shopping and entertainment centers, tenants and employees will not even be allowed into the building without a certificate of vaccination. In particular, relevant announcements appeared in the Continent, Yuzivsky and other shopping centers. Citizens expressed indignation in social networks: "Strange bullshit, restrictions are being lifted in many countries, but what do we have?"; "…and the rumor is circulating around the city - the expiration date of Light is coming to an end, so you need to massively inject the population"; "Why do we have Light, which is for revaccination, but where is Sputnik v?" Moreover, forced vaccination was also reported by students of the "republican" universities, who were obliged to be vaccinated or to handle this at the "administration" level. As a result, people in local publics believe that only doctors can benefit from this situation, because it will not be difficult to "take or forge a coveted certificate" in CADO.

The so-called "officials of the DNR" began walk through of private households in the occupied territory of the Donetsk oblast. This was reported in the local Telegram channels. "Special "house-to-house" rounds are made in order to collect information about how much poultry, livestock, sown areas and vegetable gardens the population has. Why all this, and what is the point? Citizens having a personal farm household will be able to get an extract from the book about this… Why does a decent person need this certificate??? To prove that he is not an entrepreneur, if he suddenly wants to sell the remnants of milk and goods grown on his farm. Officials will come to all households without exception", - it was written on social networks. Farm owners have already assessed the process as humiliation and repression by the authorities. "The census is provided for trees, cars, wells, a walk-behind tractor of a household, in particular, even of chickens… That is, if you wanted to slaughter a chicken or it died, do you need to present a death certificate so that it is written off? Or do you need to get permission in writing to kill and eat a pig?", - residents of CADO were indignant.

Citizen of Ukraine Oleksandr Lobur, who is being groundlessly kept in the pre-trial detention center of the Makiivka Correctional Colony No.97 in CADO, faces the death penalty. This was reported by Ukrainian Ombudsman Lyudmyla Denisova. She told that on April 7, 2020, five employees of the so-called "Ministry of State Security of the DNR" broke into the house of Oleksandr Lobur in Amvrosiivka of the temporarily occupied Donbas. After searches were carried out in the house, Oleksandr was accused of arms and drug trafficking, handcuffed and taken away in an unknown direction. "At first, the man was detained under administrative procedure for 30 days, but Oleksandr has been illegally detained by representatives of the occupation administration for almost two years now. Now he is charged with article 321 of the "DNR" Criminal Code – "espionage", the sanction of which provides for from 10 to 20 years in prison, in wartime – the death penalty with confiscation of property", - Denisova wrote. The Ombudsman noted that Oleksandr suffers from chronic acute cholecystitis and pancreatitis. Denisova appealed to the leadership of the International Committee of the Red Cross in Ukraine to urgently visit Oleksandr Lobur and facilitate his immediate release.