USA no longer speaks of Russia's invasion of Ukraine as "inevitable" 02/03/2022 13:22:31. Total views 765. Views today — 0.

The White House says it no longer describes a potential Russian invasion of Ukraine as imminent, suggesting that the word has been misused. This was stated by speaker of the White House Jen Psaki, - European Pravda reports.

"I used this word once. I think others used it at one time too. And then we stopped using it because I think it sent a signal that we were not going to send, as if we know that President Putin made the decision", - Psaki said.

Last week, Psaki stated that the invasion of Russian troops in Ukraine continues to be "inevitable", which led to a negative reaction from Kyiv. Ukrainian officials, including President Volodymyr Zelensky, disagreed and stated that such descriptions could cause panic and economic shock.