United Russia boasts that 16 thousand residents of CADLO has already joined Russia's ruling party 02/01/2022 15:07:07. Total views 541. Views today — 0.

The number of residents of CADLO who have applied to join the ranks of the United Russia party ruling in the Russian Federation has reached approximately 16 thousand. This was reported by deputy of the State Duma from the United Russia Viktor Vodolatsky in a comment to the separatist media.

"Today, the Rostov branch of United Russia has a huge number of applications from Russian citizens living in the Donbas who want to become members of the party. There are about 16 thousand such applications today", - Vodolatsky said.

As previously reported, United Russia allowed residents of the occupied Donbas with Russian passports to join the party without a six-month candidacy period.

According to the Minsk agreements, members of United Russia from CADLO will not be able to participate in local elections, since they must be held in accordance with Ukrainian law - candidates for deputies cannot be nominated by foreign parties.