Kremlin calls on initiators of recognition of "DNR/LNR" not to escalate and not to earn political capital 01/21/2022 14:33:38. Total views 762. Views today — 0.

The initiative of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation to recognize the "DNR/LNR" by Russia may further escalate the situation. This was stated by press secretary of Vladimir Putin Dmitry Peskov in a comment to reporters.

"I would like to note that now, when the situation is so tense and sensitive, it is very important, of course, to avoid steps that could provoke an increase in this tension. Here, of course, it is important to be aware of the responsibility for such balanced steps that take into account the current tense situation", - he said.

In addition, Peskov did not rule out that the proposals of the Russian communists could be populist in nature.

"It is very important for those who are the authors of this initiative not to try earning political capital on such a fragile matter first off", - he said.

As previously reported, deputies of the State Duma from the Communist Party, headed by Gennady Zyuganov, prepared an appeal to Russian President Vladimir Putin, urging him to recognize the independence of the "DNR/LNR" (self-name of CADLO Ukraine).