Russian mercenaries "with experience" pulled to occupied Donbas to carry out acts sabotage - Reuters 12/24/2021 17:25:02. Total views 536. Views today — 0.

In recent weeks, Russian mercenaries have been arriving in the occupied territory of Donbas to commit acts of sabotage against Ukraine. The militants themselves told Reuters about this, - LIGA.net reports.

"(Russian recruiters - ed.) Gather everyone who has combat experience. The purpose of the deployment is sabotage activities to undermine stability in Ukraine", - one of those mercenaries who agreed to fight said.

Another one told the news agency that "he kept in touch with people on the ground, who had received special training".

Recruiters do not disclose on whose behalf they are acting. The mercenaries themselves also do not give their names "for security reasons."

On December 22, 2021, the Russian of Meduza online agency reported that against the background of tensions around the borders of Ukraine, recruiters in Russia are recruiting groups on a "combat mission to Donbas".