Putin does not guarantee that Russia will not attack Ukraine: it all depends on NATO's eastward movement 12/23/2021 16:32:59. Total views 922. Views today — 0.

Vladimir Putin did not give unconditional guarantees that Russia would not carry out armed aggression against Ukraine. This follows from his answer at a press conference to a question from journalist of the Sky News British edition, - RIA Novosti reports.

"Can Putin unconditionally guarantee non-aggression against Ukraine?" - he asked the Russian president.

In response, Putin reported that it completely depends on the policy pursued by NATO.

"Our actions will depend not on the course of negotiations, but on the unconditional provision of Russia's security. We made it clear that NATO's movement to the east is unacceptable. The USA is standing with missiles on the doorstep of our house. Is this an excessive demand – not to set striking systems at our house?", - he stated.