SBU checks whether deputies Arakhamia and Rudyk have American citizenship 12/16/2021 14:45:44. Total views 622. Views today — 0.

The Ukrainian Security Service is studying information from the Verkhovna Rada deputy from Servant of the People Oleksandr Kachura about the possible presence of the U.S. citizenship with head of the Servant of the People parliamentary party Davyd Arakhamia and deputy from Voice Kira Rudyk. This is said in the response of the SBU to the inquiry of Ukrainian News.

"We inform that the requested application (by Kachura about the SBU's verification of the possible American citizenship of Arakhamia and Rudyk) has been registered and is being considered by the competent units of the Security Council of Ukraine", - the response says.

Based on the results of the consideration, the answer will be provided to deputy Kachura within the time frame established by law.

As previously reported, Arakhamia promised to criminalize lying about citizenship of the people's deputies.