FSB spreads fake about hundreds of Ukrainian "maniacs and murderers", conspiratorial throughout Russia 12/13/2021 12:18:21. Total views 833. Views today — 1.

The FSB has stated that it had identified 106 supporters of the mythical neo-Nazi MKC group, who were preparing terrorist attacks and massacres in 37 regions of Russia. This is said in the message of the Center for Public Relations of the special service.

Allegedly, two of them are suspected of preparing attacks on educational institutions. The rest of the detained "neo-Nazis" are charged with administering publics on the Internet. According to the FSB, the MKC ("Maniacs. Killer Cult") group was created by Ukrainian citizen Yehor Krasnov, who "operates under the auspices of the SBU".

The FSB assures that the MKC was allegedly created in Ukraine in 2018. At the same time, nothing is known about it in Ukraine. MKC was also never mentioned In Russia itself until January 30, 2021. The FSB has regularly announced the arrest of "members" of the mythical group since that time.

A number of Russian media outlets report that the detainees often know nothing about MKC, have nothing to do with Ukraine, and are closer to Russian nationalists in their ideology.