Ukrainian Magnitsky Act: why USA imposes sanctions against Portnov and Tupytsky 12/10/2021 19:00:42. Total views 874. Views today — 0.

The U.S. Department of the Treasury has announced new sanctions against former deputy head of the presidential administration of Ukraine during the Yanukovych era Andrii Portnov and former chairman of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine Oleksandr Tupytsky yesterday, on December 9, - European Pravda reported.

The sanctions were introduced under the so-called Magnitsky Act, which provides for punishment of people involved in fraud, harassment and human rights violations.

The Magnitsky Act provides for visa denials and financial sanctions.

The Ministry of Finance's message contains personal data of Portnov, such as date and place of birth, numbers of foreign passport PU262444 and internal passport CO168696.

The justification for the sanctions explains that Portnov has established extensive ties with the judicial and law enforcement apparatus of Ukraine through bribery.

"Widely known as a judicial mediator, Portnov has been deservedly accused of using his influence to buy access and make decisions in Ukrainian courts, as well as of undermining reform efforts. As of 2019, Portnov has taken steps to control the Ukrainian judicial system and influence on the relevant legislation, sought to appoint loyal officials to higher judicial positions and support judicial decisions", - the explanation says.

It is also indicated that Portnov entered into an agreement with an official of the Ukrainian government in mid-2019 to form the country's highest legal institutions in his own interests and to influence the Constitutional Court of Ukraine. In addition, Portnov was implicated in an attempt to influence the Prosecutor General of Ukraine.

The sanctions list also includes the Andrii Portnov Foundation Charitable Organization.

The second person involved in the USA sanctions is ex-head of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine Oleksandr Tupytsky.

Tupytsky was included in the sanctions list "for significant corruption actions, in particular, for receiving a bribe while working in the Ukrainian judicial system". The judge's wife Olha Tupytska was also sanctioned.

It should be noted that the Constitutional Court considers Tupytsky to be the chairman, while in the statement of the U.S. State Department he is listed as "the former head of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine".

The listed individuals are prohibited from entering the USA.