No shot heard, no bullet: "DNR" occupiers groundlessly accuse AFU of wounding civilian 12/01/2021 17:11:33. Total views 720. Views today — 0.

The accusations of the AFU of wounding a CADO civilian CADO on November 30 by a Ukrainian sniper have no evidential basis. This follows from the analysis of the relevant statements of the separatist propaganda.

For example, the department of the "people's militia" (self-designation of the "DNR" illegal armed formations) reported that a young man in the village of the Trudivska mine in the west of Donetsk was wounded by aimed sniper fire from the positions of the Ukrainian army.

"From the position of the 54th brigade, located in the area of ​​the village of Marinka, aimed sniper fire was opened using a firing report suppressor", - the message reported. Thus, the CADO propagandists confirmed that no one had heard the shot from the AFU positions. However, they decided to fill this gap in the argumentation with "insider" information that the Ukrainian sniper fired from a rifle with a suppressor.

It is also surprising how the CADO representatives determined the type of weapon from which the man was wounded. "The diagnosis is a penetrating gunshot wound to the middle third of the left thigh, an open multi-fragment fracture of the lower third of the left femur and a combined shock", - the occupiers wrote in the reports. Obviously, there is no submunition (exit wound), therefore, the assertion that it was a sniper rifle is not supported by anything.

Thus, the accusations against AFU – without report of discharge, its direction and without the bullet that caused the injury, are based solely on speculations of pro-Russian propaganda.

The Investigative Committee of Russia, traditionally without carrying out any investigative actions, picked up a fake about Ukrainian sniper. "The Ukrainian military, involved in the shooting and wounding of the civilian in Donetsk on November 30, violated the Convention on the Protection of Civilian Population in Time of War", - the press service of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation stated without proof.

In all this stream of misinformation, the only truth is that the man was seriously injured on October 30. The circumstances of this injury are unknown.