Residents of CADO complain about rise in food prices and compare them with those in Mariupol (PHOTO) 11/30/2021 14:23:46. Total views 913. Views today — 0.

Food prices continue to rise in the occupied territory of the Donetsk oblast. Residents of CADO write this in the local segment of social networks.

In particular, the townspeople are discussing a significant jump in prices for cereals and pasta.

"Cereals/porridges and pasta from different manufacturers are becoming more expensive in the DNR supermarkets. Price increase is by $0.04-0.17", - users write.

They clarify that prices may differ significantly in different supermarkets, but still they have grown.

The townspeople also report high prices for fruits and vegetables in the markets, posting the corresponding photos.

Residents are vigorously discussing high prices and believe that the so-called "DNR customs officers" are to blame for this:

- "What happened to the cabbage? Is it also supplied from Egypt?";

- "That's right, is it okay to spend $2 for buying one cabbage?";

- "In Makiivka, lemons are generally sold for $1.74 and Semerenko apples – for $1";

- "These are not the sellers who are out of line, but the customs officers of the DNR";

- "Well, they promise to raise wages and benefits… Not surprising…";

- "Salaries and pensions do not keep pace with prices".

The townspeople also write that the prices for fruits and vegetables are significantly lower in the controlled Ukrainian territory of the Donetsk oblast:

- "I called to Mariupol. $0.26-0.29 for potato, $0.26 for cabbage, $0.22-0.29 for carrot and $0.29-0.33 for apples. Such a feeling that we and Mariupol are on different planets";

- "It is foolish to compare prices with the Ukrainian once again… the same vegetables and fruits are muuuuch cheaper there, and this is not news for a long time".

As reported by OstroV, residents of Donetsk complain about the rise in prices for bread.