"Scratches and craters" – OSCE SMM observers assess consequences of "massive shelling by AFU" of civilian objects 11/19/2021 17:03:48. Total views 738. Views today — 0.

Occupation propaganda of the "LNR" misleads the public, announcing massive shelling of the residential sector by AFU. This is evidenced by a comparative analysis of "reports" of the fake LNR representation in the JCCC and the OSCE SMM reports, checking the veracity of these "reports".

For example, occupation authorities reported on November 14 that the AFU had fired at the village of Yuzhna Lomovatka from 152 mm artillery pieces. "A medium-pressure gas pipeline was damaged as a result of shelling, 300 residents of the village were left without electricity… A house and household outbuildings along the Voinych Street were damaged as a result of mortar attack from the AFU… The glazing of residential building, summer kitchen, verandas were damaged, household outbuildings and slate roofing were partially destroyed", - the "official" media described vividly.

Having verified these reports, the OSCE SMM observers in fact denied information about a massive artillery strike from Ukraine. "The observers were clarifying information on recent damage to civilian objects in non-government-controlled areas of the Luhansk oblast… in Lomovatka settlement (non-government-controlled, 57 km west of Luhansk), the SMM recorded several scratches and craters (by estimate, from spray) on southeast walls, a roof and a window from six sections of a one-story residential building, as well as in the soft ground of the household plot southwest of the house. The observers also recorded damage to the southwest wall of the house, as well as to the northeast wooden walls of the household outbuilding… and a tree with broken branches... The SMM assessed that the damage appeared recently from the shrapnel hit…"

These and other similar damages can in no way testify to the planned "genocide campaign of the Donbas people", which Russian and separatist propaganda are groundlessly telling about.