CADLO occupiers trying to impose their agenda of TCG meetings in "Ukraine owes everyone" style 10/25/2021 18:12:23. Total views 586. Views today — 0.

Occupation authorities of CADLO are trying to impose their own agenda for the TCG meeting. This follows from the statement of the non-existent so-called "DNR delegation at the talks".

Representatives of illegal pseudo-formations of the occupied Donbas state that "negotiations of working groups to discuss political, humanitarian, economic and security issues are planned to be held on October 26".

At the same time, they are throwing an allegedly agreed "agenda" into the information space. According to the occupation authorities, it is planned to discuss the extremely aggressive actions of the JFO units at the meeting of the subgroups.

"In particular, it is planned to discuss the following topics at the meeting of the Contact Group (the Trilateral Group in fact, which does not include representatives of CADLO - OstroV): development of mechanisms for eliminating precedents related to the capture of the JCCC representatives in the current composition; increase in the number of ceasefire violations by the AFU; approval of the final draft roadmap taking into account the updated version of the document by the Republics; fulfillment by the Ukrainian party of its obligations on the issues within the humanitarian agenda; consolidation of positions on the draft regulations for negotiating within the framework of the Minsk process", - the occupiers fantasize.

Such a more than free interpretation of the agenda, voiced by the terrorist organizations not authorized to do it, can be considered a provocation and a reason to accuse Ukraine of disrupting the TCG meeting.

As previously reported, after the departure of Russian officers in December 2017, the terrorist "DNR/LNR" announced the creation of their own "representative offices" at the Joint Centre for Control and Coordination on ceasefire and expressed a desire to cooperate with the OSCE mission. Officially, there are no representation offices of the terrorist "republics" in the Joint Centre. They are called "members of the armed formations with the JCCC armbands" in the OSCE SMM reports. The Centre had 128 officers of the AFU and the AF of the Russian Federation before the demarche of Russia. They worked in 16 control groups - 8 each in the territory controlled by Ukraine and in the zone of occupation. After the adoption of decision on full and comprehensive ceasefire in Minsk in July 2020, the Ukrainian party insists that Russian officers return to the Joint Centre for Control and Coordination on ceasefire and stabilization of the demarcation line between the parties.