Listed "activists", loud music and drunken picketers - SMM about blocking its headquarters in Donetsk 10/22/2021 13:40:37. Total views 674. Views today — 0.

Blocking of the headquarters of the OSCE SMM, organized by occupation authorities of CADO, continued on Thursday, October 21. This is said in the daily report of the Mission as of October 21.

The observers recorded that up to 110 people took part in the "mass meeting in front of the hotel where the members of the Mission" during the day, and only about 20 – at night.

At the same time, the Mission staff once again stressed that participation in the blockade of their headquarters is not spontaneous and voluntary. "Protesters signed sheets of paper when they joined the campaign… Some of the protesters communicated through radio handsets", - the report said.

In addition, the protesters continued to play loud music through a loudspeaker directed towards the hotel and also watched films on a portable screen, - the SMM noted.

When a member of the Mission left the hotel on 19 October to measure the noise level, a drunken protester approached him and stated that "this SMM member is not allowed to leave the hotel and use a decibel meter".