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In the area of ​​the Joint Forces Operation on October 19, three violations of the ceasefire by the Russian occupation forces, one of which was with the use of weapons prohibited by the Minsk agreements, were recorded, - the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine reported. The mercenaries fired from automatic easel grenade launchers in the direction of Avdiivka. The occupiers fired from hand-held anti-tank grenade launchers and small arms in the direction of Zaitsevo. The enemy fired at the positions of the Ukrainian soldiers near Hranitne from 120 mm mortars. There are no casualties among the military personnel of the Joint Forces. Our defenders opened fire in return without using weapons prohibited by the Minsk agreements, which forced the enemy to stop firing.

Leader of the "LNR" Leonid Pasechnik demanded from the OSCE SMM to recognize its militants as "representatives of the JCCC". He said this in his statement. "It is difficult for us to find explanations for a number of actions (inaction) and conclusions of the OSCE Monitoring Mission… How can we talk about impartiality when the OSCE SMM in its reports makes a fundamental difference in the status and immunity for observers in the JCCC from Kyiv and from the LNR and DNR, naming Ukrainians representatives of the JCCC and our representatives "armed formations"?", - he was indignant, explaining the reason for dissatisfaction with the work of the Mission on the part of the occupiers. As earlier reported, on October 13, soldiers of the AFU detained an "LNR" militant who, covering his activities with the JCCC identification marks, was conducting reconnaissance in the area of ​​the Ukrainian positions. Occupation authorities of CADLO accused the OSCE SMM of inaction, demanded the release of the militant and organized blocking of the hotel where the Mission's staff lived.

The OSCE SMM in occupied Donetsk continues to record a public gathering in front of the hotel where the members of the Mission live. This was said in the daily summary of the Mission. "During the reporting period, observers recorded a mass gathering in front of and around the hotel with the participation of 10 to 350 people (different genders and ages). The Mission team saw some of the participants displaying conflict-related photographs, holding banners and criticizing the SMM's activities, in particular regarding the events that took place at the disengagement area near Zolote on October 13, when a member of the armed formations was reportedly detained by the Armed Forces of Ukraine", - the report said. Observers report that they also heard participants playing loud music through a loudspeaker during the reporting period and until approximately 10:00 p.m. on October 16 and 17; live concerts were played periodically in the afternoon. Observers saw participants set up additional tents and noted the presence of dry closets and a field kitchen. The summary of the OSCE SMM specified that the process of blocking the Mission was clearly manageable: "The participants in the meeting change each other in an organized manner".

Occupation authorities of the "LNR" continue to imitate their subjectivity in the Minsk talks and the Trilateral Contact Group. This was evidenced by the statement of Vladislav Danego, who calls himself "Foreign Minister". He accused Ukraine of disrupting the meeting of the TCG working group on security issues. As previously reported, the CADLO puppet authorities reported that a meeting of the group should be held on October 19 on the initiative of the "LNR", which supposedly will discuss the release of detained militant Andrey Kosyak, hiding behind the status of the "LNR representative" in the JCCC". Separatist propaganda assured that the Ukrainian side agreed to take part in this meeting. At the same time, there was no confirmation from Ukraine. This meeting of the working group on security predictably did not take place. However, Danego did not calm down, having said that the "LNR" would convene a new meeting on Wednesday.

A replacement of the criminal administration was carried out in the illegal Izolyatsia prison in occupied Donetsk due to the publicity of information about these executioners. This was reported by former prisoner of Izolyatsia, journalist and writer Stanislav Aseyev on his Facebook. "Concise, but news about Izolyatsia (information from two months ago): no one from the former administration of war criminals was left there. These people simply disappeared (as I understand, as a result of publicity)", - the journalist reported. According to him, the change of the prison "top" led to changes in the stay of those illegally detained in it. "…The system has changed a little - there are no people who are particularly close to new people. Because of this, the radio and sports activities were banned (the horizontal bar was removed from the exercise yard), it is still impossible to lie on bunks during the day. About torture in basements - it seems like now "the main work" is done in the "office", so there is no exact data on Izolyatsia, except for the traditional "holding the wall", - Stanislav told. He also reported that he hoped that public "all the known faces of those who suddenly "disappeared" would finally be made public this month.

Another 1204 cases of COVID-19 were detected in the occupied Donetsk region over the day. This was reported by the fake "Ministry of Health of the DNR". 12 336 patients are undergoing treatment (inpatient and outpatient) and 104 people died over the period of three days. In addition, 422 cases of "usual" pneumonia were detected over the day, which is 40 cases more than in the previous day. Of these, 147 patients were hospitalized. In total, 3930 patients with pneumonia are being treated, of which 1752 are on oxygen support (+114 over the day).

The leadership changed at the emergency mine named after Zasyadko in occupied Donetsk. This was reported in the separatist video content segment on October 19. "Yuriy Popovkin, who had previously headed the Donbas mine management, was appointed new director of the Zasyadko mine at the end of last week", - the separatists reported. They emphasized that an "outsider" from another coal enterprise took the leading position for the first time. Before that, the directors were always workers of the Zasyadko mine. Based on this, citing a source at the mine, it was reported that the appointment of an outsider at the enterprise was interpreted as the intention of the "DNR" occupation authorities to increase their influence on the production processes of the coal enterprise, although the mine is already listed under the control of the "republic".