Yatsenyuk is ready to compromise the formation of new Cabinet of Ministers and appointment of new Prime Minister 03/30/2016 19:30:38. Total views 1058. Views today — 0.

Ukraine needs political stability for economic growth and attraction of new investors. This was stated by Prime Minister Arseniy Yatseniuk at today's Cabinet meeting, - reports the correspondent of OstroV.

"I as the Prime Minister and Narodnyy Front faction are probably for the first time in my political history engaged in collecting votes and coalition to form a new Cabinet of Ministers, appoint a new Prime Minister, approve the programme. This is something new in Ukrainian politics but I am ready to make any political decisions to form coalition, a new Cabinet of Ministers, appoint a new Prime Minister and give the opportunity to the new government to work for the stability of the country, to attract investors to Ukraine, t stay in the programme with the IMF for our Western partners to continue to support us and for the Ukrainian people feel real changes," - he said.

"We need political stability to attract investors, continue reforms and for Ukrainian economy to grow as it demonstrated the last few months," - said Yatsenyuk.