Property prices in occupied Donetsk became known – from 6 to 100 thousand dollars for an apartment 03/30/2016 16:24:00. Total views 1192. Views today — 0.

Sale price on apartments on the local real estate market in occupied Donetsk became known. Market analysis is described in the Vecherniy Donetsk separatist newspaper.

Thus, the article states that in occupied Donetsk "one-room apartment in old houses is offered for 6-17 thousand dollars, in new houses - for 25 thousand, two-room - for 8-23 thousand dollars (new - for 25-35 thousand) and three-room - from 35 thousand (new - from 50 to 100 thousand dollars)." Price depends on the distance from the front lines.

As previously reported, apartment sale is possible in the self-proclaimed "DPR" only in the Ukrainian hryvnia.