"LNR" propagandists claim that armed militant who surrendered to AFU is "former" militant and he was "forced" 09/30/2021 16:20:57. Total views 650. Views today — 0.

The LNR propagandists claim that the armed militant who crossed over to the controlled territory of Ukraine and surrendered to the AFU is in fact a "former serviceman" and did that allegedly under pressure from the AFU. This is said in the message of the so-called "people's militia" (self-name of the "LNR" illegal armed formations).

According to the occupational propagandists, "the SBU officers forced the former soldier of the People's Militia of the LNR into cooperation using threatening". Allegedly, the SBU put pressure on the relatives of 23-year-old Daniil Lystopad, who live in the controlled territory.

"Eventually, Lystopad could not stand these psychological abuse of his loved ones and surrendered to the Ukrainian authorities", - the militants said in a statement.

At the same time, the occupiers do not specify why the "former serviceman" surrendered to the Ukrainian authorities along with the weapon.

Earlier, information appeared on the JFO Facebook that an armed member of the "LNR" illegal armed formation, unable to withstand the bullying of "Russian curators" and colleagues, crossed over the line of battle contact and surrendered to the AFU representatives.