Lawyer Grabowsky refused to defend the Russian GRU employee Alexandrov shortly before his death 03/29/2016 20:25:55. Total views 1213. Views today — 0.

Murdered lawyer Yuriy Grabowsky shortly refused to defend in the court Russian GRU employee Alexander Alexandrov who was detained in Donbass in 2015. Video, in which Grabowsky said that, was demonstratedat the briefing of Chief Military Prosecutor Anatoliy Matios.

"I lawyer, Yuriy Grabowsky, undertake to cease legal assistance to the accused Alexander Alexandrov in criminal proceedings in Goloseyevsk District Court of Kiev," - said Grabowsky in the video, shown to journalists.

"Because I find it impossible to defend him in the case. I realized my mistake,"- he added.

It seems in the video that the lawyer gives this comment under pressure answering the question of the man offscreen.

According to A. Matiosa, this video was obtained in the procedural way tdue o the "cloud technology" in one of the IT-services.

"It's a tough video and you can later analyze carefully everything you saw and work out versions. I can recommend -... analyze in detail," - said Matios.

As previously reported, lawyer of the Russian GRU employee Yuriy Grabowsky was found dead on March 25th.