CADO begins to fear environmental disaster due to flooded mines 09/02/2021 17:34:16. Total views 590. Views today — 0.

Occupied Donetsk is beginning to admit that flooded mines threaten with ecological catastrophe. The corresponding opinion was presented by the local TV channel, referring to the veteran of mining work Viktor Shchuka.

"We had to start the water running from the Mushketove region at one time. I know that the water was pumped out until the last moment. Because the level of underground waters raised then, and they flooded surface objects", - Viktor Shchuka said.

He recalled that the Donetsk mines are very deep, a thousand and more meters.

"It will take many years to flood all this space. But any change affects. This can lead to negative consequences", - the local expert said.

Let us recall that the pumps, which pump out water from the stopped mines, have been gradually turned off in the occupied part of Donbas since 2014. According to the conclusion of ecologists and geologists, the flooding of mines poses a threat of soil subsidence and water poisoning in both the occupied and free territories of eastern Ukraine.