At two checkpoints near Novoazovsk there are militants in the Russian uniform with flags of "Russian Airborne Forces" 12/08/2015 20:29:00. Total views 1218. Views today — 0.

Militants dressed in the Russian military uniforms with no marks are on duty at two checkpoints at the entrance and exit from the occupied village of Oktyabr in Novoazovs district. This was reported by People's Deputy, coordinator of the Information Resistance Dmitry Tymchuk on Facebook.

"At the entrance to and exit from the occupied Oktyabr (Novoazovsk district) two checkpoints continue to operate with militants  dressed in the Russian military uniforms with no marks. Instead of flags  of the "DPR", formerly posted at checkpoints, there are currently flags with the words "Russian Airborne Forces", - says Tymchuk. 

According to him, the attitude of militants to persons who cross the checkpoints, has deteriorated significantly, checking documents and searches have become more scrutinious.