There are no initiatives to include Steinmeier Formula in Ukrainian legislation – Razumkov 08/31/2021 13:19:17. Total views 690. Views today — 0.

There are no initiatives in Ukraine today to introduce the Steinmeier formula into legislation. Speaker of the parliament Dmytro Razumkov stated this during a briefing at the Verkhovna Rada, - Liga.net reports.

"As for the question of the Steinmeier Formula, today there are no proposals for changing the legislation in which it would be reflected", - Razumkov stated.

The Speaker of the Rada stressed that the Minsk agreements contain a clear action plan, and ceasefire is supposed to be the first. He mentioned the losses at the front in recent days and stressed that the first point should be fulfilled at first, after which it is possible to return to the rest.

As previously reported, the Steinmeier Formula is a version of the Minsk Agreements proposed in 2016 by the then German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier, the main point of which is to grant Donbas "special status through fair democratic election in accordance with the OSCE standards". Ukraine agreed to the Steinmeier Formula in October 2019. In July 2021, German Chancellor Angela Merkel recalled the implementation of the Steinmeier Formula in Ukrainian legislation.