Humanitarian cargo delivered to CALO by laudable Russian "white KamAZ trucks" is 7 times less than aid from UN 08/12/2021 11:56:24. Total views 746. Views today — 0.

The cargo delivered to CALO as part of the so-called "humanitarian convoy" on August 12 turned out to be 7 times less than the UN assistance received by the occupied Luhansk region the day before. This follows from a comparison of reports in the separatist media.

So, local journalists traditionally write in enthusiastic tones that Russia has sent another batch of humanitarian aid to the occupied Donbas: "White trucks are already in a hurry…"

It turned out that only three (!!!) trucks from the Russian Federation arrived in CALO. The weight of such a tiny "humanitarian aid" is not indicated. The "DNR" authorities announce the receipt of 36 tons of humanitarian supplies on August 12.

At the same time, 20 vehicles of the humanitarian convoy of the Office of the UN High Commissioner arrived in CALO the day before. They delivered medical supplies and equipment, as well as construction materials, to the uncontrolled territories. "The total weight of the delivered… international humanitarian cargo amounted to about 177 tons", - occupation authorities of the "LNR" admit.

The local media briefly reports on the assistance of international organizations. At the same time, each humanitarian convoy from the Russian Federation is presented as a lifeline from the "fraternal Russian people".