Groundlessly accusing AFU of shelling civilians, occupiers of "DNR" refuse to provide information about deceased to OSCE SMM 08/05/2021 12:25:05. Total views 643. Views today — 0.

Accusing the AFU of shelling civilians, occupiers of the "DNR" deny the OSCE SMM access to information about a woman allegedly killed at the hands of the Ukrainian military. This follows from the August 3 daily report of the Mission.

"Medical staff of the hospital in Horlivka (non-government-controlled, 39 km northeast of Donetsk) refused to provide the observers with information related to the civilian casualty", - it says.

Thus, statements of the separatist propaganda that the AFU "shells and kills civilians" remain unfounded. Hypocritically calling the world community to "condemn the genocide on the part of Ukraine", the occupation authorities offer to take their word for it and do not allow the OSCE SMM to familiarize themselves with the facts of injuries and deaths of civilians voiced by the CADLO speakers.