Russian Su-24M uses "warning bombardment" against British destroyer off the coast of occupied Crimea 06/23/2021 17:14:20. Total views 640. Views today — 0.

In Russian-occupied Crimea, the Black Sea Fleet and the Russian FSB's border department have fired and dropped bombs along the course of the Defender British destroyer. This was reported by the press center of the Russian Ministry of Defense.

Allegedly, the destroyer entered the territorial waters of the Russian Federation, which in fact are the territorial waters of Ukraine. To stop its movement, a Russian border patrol ship fired warning shots.

Next, the Russian Su-24M fighter carried out warning bombardment along the course of the Defender British destroyer, which allegedly violated the "borders" of the Russian Federation. It is noted that the Russian bomber used four fragmentation-demolition bombs.

According to the Marine Traffic service, the Defender guided missile destroyer approached the Crimean coast near Foros today. The forces of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation, border guards, aviation and coastal air defense systems took aim at the British destroyer.

As previously reported, a record number of countries will take part in the Sea Breeze-2021Ukrainian-American exercises, the U.S. Navy's Sixth Fleet has officially confirmed its participation. The exercise will be attended by 32 countries, 5000 servicemen, 32 ships, 40 aircrafts and 18 special operations and diving teams.