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No ceasefire violations were recorded in the area of the Joint Forces operation on June 3, - the JFO headquarters reported. The previous day was also without ceasefire violations. There are no combat losses among the servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The headquarters stressed that the units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are in positions and steadfastly adhere to the commitments on a comprehensive ceasefire, reached within the framework of the Trilateral Contact Group.

The fake "LNR General Prosecutor's Office" asked the so-called "People's Council" to adopt a "law" on the applying of the death penalty for "genocide and prohibited methods of warfare". This was said in the statement of the pseudo-department. "The investigators of the General Prosecutor's Office have collected a sufficient evidence base so that one can speak of the need to tighten sanctions for some articles of the current Criminal Code of the Luhansk People's Republic. In particular, we are talking about punishment for committing crimes against the peace and human security", - the occupiers asserted without furnishing any proof. After this prelude, the "General Prosecutor's Office" appealed to the "deputies of the People's Council" and the "LNR" leader with a petition "to consider the possibility of increasing the punishment for committing crimes related to the use of prohibited means and methods of warfare, as well as the commission of genocide, making it up to the capital punishment".

Another 178 cases of COVID-19 were detected in the occupied areas of the Donetsk region over the day. This was reported by the so-called "Ministry of Health of the DNR". Also, 15 more patients died during the day. In total, as of June 3, there are 39 408 people with COVID-19 infection in the occupied territory, 4580 patients are being treated inpatiently and outpatiently, 2980 people died. The occupiers also identified 85 cases of "usual" pneumonia over the day. Of these, 68 patients were hospitalized. In total, 1536 patients with pneumonia are being treated, of which 692 are on oxygen support (+26 over the day).

The movement of trams along route No.1 was suspended in occupied Donetsk due to an accident on the rails. Alexey Kulemzin, who calls himself "the head of the city administration", announced this on a social network. "The movement of trams along route No.1 has been temporarily suspended due to an accident in the area of Lenin Square", - he informed.

There has been a rush of people who want to cross the Uspenka illegal checkpoint in the occupied Amvrosiivka district of the Donetsk oblast in the last two days. This was reported in the separatist publics. Residents of CADO believe that this is due to the beginning of the vacation period, which many people are planning to spend at Russian resorts due to the closed zone in the occupied Novoazovsk district, which can only be reached with a special permit. However, travel to Russia through Uspenka also looks problematic: "The queues… reminded the checkpoints with Ukraine and the trash that was going on there". Eyewitnesses also wrote about the problematic passage through Uspenka: "There is no movement at Uspenka for three hours, it is strictly forbidden to go here…", "There are about 200 cars at Uspenka in the Russian Federation and all just stand… there is no movement at all", "Uspenka, we are standing dead since 5 p.m., we arrived only to the Russian customs, Russia does not work in any way", "Queue sellers are working in full swing", "Uspenka towards the Russian Federation: neutral zone Is packed with cars in two rows. Russia lets 5-7 cars in half an hour/hour".