To place of resort through checkpoint: occupiers of "DNR" to be allowed to enter Siedove only with special passes 05/19/2021 16:10:41. Total views 776. Views today — 1.

Residents of CADO will be able to get to the "DNR resorts" only after receiving special passes. This was announced on a social network by Oleg Morgun, who calls himself the "head of administration" of Novoazovsk.

He writes that a "working meeting was held on limiting the entry of those citizens into the territory of the Novoazovsk district who do not have registration at the place of residence (place of stay) on the territory of this administrative and territorial unit", at which they promised to "develop a mechanism for the entry and exit of citizens".

In particular, "the necessary measures will be taken to equip checkpoints at the entrance to the DNR resort cities".

The reaction of residents on social networks is replete with discontent:

"Not the government, but the cattle … the people's republic has long since ceased to be the people's one"; @That is, you can freely travel to any other city in the DNR, but here there are special conditions. Or now you can only sit at the place of registration and be conspicuous? I hope I can buy a ticket at least for a tram without special permission"; "Queues and bribes again. Everything for the people";" I am shocked! What is this circus for? It is to show people once again that the authorities can do whatever comes into their heads. To receive more money on this. And at the same time, to drive the people into the stall".