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5 violations by the armed formations of the Russian Federation were recorded in the area of ​​the Joint Forces Operation on May 11, - the JFO headquarters reported. The occupiers opened fire from mortars of 120 and 82 calibers near the settlement of Novhorodske twice. The enemy used anti-tank grenade launchers in the direction of the positions of our defenders not far from the villages of Novoselivka and Pivdenne. In addition, the Russian occupiers carried out remote mining from hand-held anti-tank grenade launchers with POM-2 mines in the direction of the settlement of Pivdenne. There are no combat losses among the servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Our military returned fire to the enemy shelling.

A march of mummers took place in occupied Donetsk along the central street of Artem on the occasion of the next anniversary of the "DNR" pseudo-referendum. This was reported by eyewitnesses in social networks. Residents from smaller towns and villages of CADO were traditionally brought to the city to participate in the procession and holiday concert of the Lyube group. In addition, it is not clear whether it was canceled or not. Students, employees of budgetary organizations and, of course, children also had to appear without fail. Social networks showed numerous buses that brought the residents of CADO to Donetsk for a "holiday" and a concert. "All state structures went and walked in these columns under the order", - the Donetsk residents wrote. "The classics, everything, as the Party of Regions members had before the war", - the users commented. The procession was opened by bikers of the Russian Night Wolves club. Negative responses to this event from residents of the city in social networks prevail over joyful ones: "Some kind of clownery, fierce", "The Russian Federation has not recognized the republic for 7 years already. But we have Russian flags at every corner. This is some kind of parallel world", "Show-off is our everything". Many townspeople were also outraged by the holding of the festive procession despite the coronavirus pandemic: "As for the opening of border with the LNR - covid interferes, and there are no masks or covid at parades". There are also polls in the separatist segment of social networks, whether the residents of CADO would support the "creation of the republic" today - the overwhelming majority provides negative replies.

239 more cases of coronavirus disease were "officially" detected in the occupied districts of Donetsk oblast over the day. This was reported by the fake "Ministry of Emergency Situations of the DNR". In addition, 10 more patients died during the day. In total, as of May 11, there are 34 495 cases of COVID-19 infection in CADO, 4 810 patients are undergoing treatment (inpatient and outpatient), 2 583 people died. Thus, the mortality rate remains at a very high level - 7.5% (for comparison, it is 2.2% on the territory of free Ukraine and 2.1% - in the world). 85 cases of "usual" pneumonia were also detected over the day. Of these, 58 patients were hospitalized. In total, 1817 patients with pneumonia are being treated, of which 739 are on oxygen support (+23 over the day).

Several fires occurred in the occupied territory of Donetsk oblast, in which people died. This was reported by the fake "Ministry of Emergency Situations of the DNR". So, a man born in 1963 died as a result of fire in one-story four-apartment building in Ternopolsky lane in the village of Krupskoy in the Chervonohvardiyskyi district of Makiivka. A house along the Railroad street in the village of Koloski in the Starobesheve district also caught fire. A man born in 1975 died as a result of the fire. Two more people were injured - women born in 1926 and 1949. The victims in a critical condition were hospitalized in a medical institution of Donetsk. Another fire occurred in a detached house along the Ushynskyi street in Snizhne, as a result of which a man born in 1981 died.

A case of death on the water was recorded in the Tsentralno-Miskyi district of occupied Horlivka. This was reported by the fake "Ministry of Emergency Situations of the DNR". The incident occurred in the Stroitel housing estate on the Zalizna Balka reservoir. The man's body was removed from the water by the so-called "DNR police", the circumstances of the death and the personal data of the deceased are unknown.