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7 violations of the ceasefire by the armed formations of the Russian Federation were recorded in the area of ​​the Joint Forces Operation on April 22. The enemy opened fire from 120-caliber mortars and an anti-tank gun prohibited by the Minsk agreements not far from the village of Pivdenne, and from 82 mm mortars – not far from the village of Zaitseve. The occupiers opened fire from 120-caliber mortars and heavy anti-tank grenade launchers near Krasnohorivka. The occupiers fired at the positions of our defenders near the village of Shumy from anti-tank missile systems. As a result of shelling by the armed formations of the Russian Federation, one serviceman of the Armed Forces of Ukraine sustained shrapnel wound incompatible with life. The Russian occupation troops opened fire from under-barrel grenade launchers, grenade launchers of various systems and small arms near Pisky. The enemy fired at our positions from grenade launchers of various systems and small arms not far from Mayorsk.

The "DNR" leader Denis Pushilin explained why the "republic's" administrative buildings, but not kindergartens and schools are laid with sandbags. Separatist media wrote about this. People on social networks began to resent why the occupation administration was protecting itself, and not children of the Russian-occupied Donbas, from the mythical offensive. According to Pushilin, this is because the buildings of the "DNR departments" can be involved in hostilities. "I see messages on social networks, they write that schools and kindergartens are not being fortified. But schools and kindergartens will in no way be used for conducting some kind of shooting battles and other things. Administrative buildings will be involved at some stages, if Ukraine gets on the offensive", - the "DNR" leader stated.

Another propaganda event called the "Russian Unity: Protection of Rights and Freedoms" forum is taking place in occupied Donetsk. The program includes several "round tables", as well as a presentation of the so-called "humanitarian program to reunite the people of Donbas and support the Russian-speaking population of Ukraine". Speaking at the "forum", leader of the "DNR" Denis Pushilin announced the readiness of occupation authorities of the CADO to oppose the policy of "infringement of the rights of the Russian-speaking population in Ukraine". As reported, the occupiers regularly declare about the "protection of the rights and freedoms of Russians". At the same time, a curfew has been in effect in the uncontrolled territory for seven years, not a single international human rights organization is working, the economy has been destroyed, mines have been closed, and large enterprises give out some food instead of salaries.

An air separation plant was shut down at a seized metallurgical plant in occupied Yenakiieve. This was reported in the separatist segment of social networks. "An air separation unit (ASU) manufactured by Linde-KCA-Drezden (Germany) was shut down at the Yenakiieve Iron and Steel Works. It allows obtaining oxygen in the quantities required for steel production in the oxygen-converter plant in the amount of over 3.5 mln t/year. When the ASU was built, it had no analogues at the enterprises of the mining and metallurgical complex of all CIS countries. About $40 million was spent on it at that time. Without it, the blast furnace simply stands idle and without oxygen blast", - a local blogger reported… He clarified that now the blast furnace at the Yenakiieve Iron and Steel Works is completely stopped, the timing of its launch is not being discussed, the management company of Serhiy Kurchenko, fugitive in the Russian Federation, Vneshtorgservis, does not pay for the supply of raw materials from the Russian Federation. "For this reason, part of the company’s employees has written applications for 2/3 and are at home.

"Assistance" with food packages was provided to employees of the Khartsyzsk pipe plant, which was seized and managed by Vneshtorgservis and which does not pay salaries to their workers.

189 new cases of coronavirus infection were registered in CADO on April 21, 13 patients died. This was reported by the fake "DNR Ministry of Health". In total, as of April 22, there are 32 010 cases of COVID-19, 3935 patients are on treatment, 2440 people died. The mortality rate is 7.6%, which is several times higher than those in the free Ukrainian territory and in the world. The occupiers also revealed 112 cases of "usual" pneumonia over the day. Of these, 84 patients were hospitalized. A total of 1296 patients with "usual" pneumonia are being treated, of which 574 are on oxygen support (+34 over the day).

The puppet authorities of CADO invite Ukrainians from the free territory to move to the occupied Donbas "for permanent residence", promising them benefits in paying for utilities. This was said in the so-called "humanitarian program for the reunification of the people of Donbas and support for the Russian-speaking population of Ukraine". "The encouragement of labor migration from Ukraine to the Donetsk People's Republic will be one of the most important directions of the program. Those who wish to move to the DNR permanently for the purpose of employment will have the opportunity to apply for a temporary benefit for utility bills. It will be valid for a year from the moment of moving to the Republic", - separatist media wrote. As it was earlier reported, wages are regularly not paid at the industrial enterprises seized by the Russian occupiers.

The water supply in the Voroshilovskyi, Kalininskyi and Kyivskyi districts of occupied Donetsk has been reduced due to the accident. This was reported in social networks by Alexey Kulemzin, who calls himself the "head of the city administration". He also added that 215 detached house suburbs' subscribers living in the Kotovskoho village (Kalininskyi district) would be completely left without cold water supply for the period of repair work.

A car exploded and burned down in the courtyard of a high-rise building in the Kirovskyi district of occupied. This was reported in the local segment of social networks. "A car exploded in the Tekstilshchik microdistrict at night", "Zhiguli exploded on 25 Zharikova Street tonight, the roof flew off to the next entrance", - eyewitnesses wrote.