Zelensky invites Putin to meet in "any part of the Ukrainian Donbas where there is a war" 04/21/2021 16:02:00. Total views 770. Views today — 1.

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky has invited Russian President Vladimir Putin to meet in "any part of the Ukrainian Donbas where there is a war". He stated this in his video message on the evening of April 20.

"I want to address our northern neighbor separately. Once the President of Russia said: "If a fight is inevitable, you need to hit first". But, in my opinion, every leader should understand today that a fight cannot be inevitable when it is not about the backstreet and hooligans, but about a real war and millions of human lives, and that, unlike a fight, all parties lose in a war. And that you cannot protect someone by attacking. And that it is impossible to free someone by capturing. And that it is impossible to bring peace by tank, to people who do not understand from whom they want to be protected and liberated, and why they can be fired upon and bombed for this, including our surviving old people who liberated this land from the Nazis and do not understand why their peaceful life appeared to be under the threat of war again 75 years later", - Zelensky stated.

He stressed that "Ukraine and Russia, despite the common past, look to the future in different ways".

"We are we and you are you. But this is not necessarily a problem, this is an opportunity. At least, this is an opportunity, before it is too late, to stop the deadly mathematics of future military losses. The TCG discussed the restoration of a complete ceasefire at the meetings of the Normandy Four and the subgroup on security yesterday and today, but, despite the support of all parties, Russia refused to support the general statement. At the same time, a proposal was made to meet on the contact line in order to see and understand the situation as accurately as possible. Mr. Putin, I am ready to go even further and invite you to meet anywhere in the Ukrainian Donbas, where there is a war", - Zelensky concluded.