We were one country: Ukraine did not expect occupation of Crimea and war in Donbas from Russia - Zelensky 04/16/2021 15:14:45. Total views 599. Views today — 0.

Ukraine did not expect the occupation of territories and war by the Russian Federation, with which it was previously a part of the USSR. This was told by President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy in an interview with the Le Figaro French newspaper, - the press service of the Office of the President of Ukraine reports.

"We lived that way in the post-Soviet times, and we were one country called the Soviet Union, we lived together with Russia. We fought Nazism together, we won together. Therefore, Ukraine did not expect such a blow and did not expect the occupation of Crimea, the war in the east and such deeply poor relations. Why are they so bad? Whenever there is a war between close ones, it hurts you three times more than when there is a war with someone you never closely knew", - the president noted.