"DNR" occupiers state their withdrawal from truce, allowing themselves to open "preemptive fire" 03/03/2021 14:37:36. Total views 703. Views today — 0.

Occupation authorities of the "DNR" have allowed their gangs to open "preemptive" fire on the Ukrainian positions. This is said in the "emergency statement" of the so-called "people's militia" (illegal armed formations of the "DNR" - OstroV).

Separatist propagandists traditionally accuse the Ukrainian party of violating the ceasefire and, on the basis of these unsubstantiated statements, including those unconfirmed by the OSCE SMM observers, they arbitrarily grant themselves the right to be the first to open fire on the AFU positions.

"Due to the lack of reaction of international observers to the ongoing shelling of populated areas of the Republic, in order to protect the population from Ukrainian terror, units of the People's Militia were given permission to conduct preemptive fire in order to suppress and destroy the enemy firing points", - the "emergency statement" says.

This way, the Russian occupiers are no longer trying to cover up their shelling of the territory controlled by Ukraine with the need to return fire and are actually leaving the fragile ceasefire.